REDs – The Car Made For Traffic Jams!

5th December 2017

Meet REDS. The car designed for traffic jams. Yes. You read that right!

Chris Bangle, a creator on another level. “But who is he?” You ask. He’s the former head of design at BMW. So naturally, anything he does is good.

REDS has been made for a new Chinese company owned by manufacturing group, CHTC. The latest project is said to be ‘a space that became a car’, designed for mega cities where cars can spend a whopping 90% of their time stuck in traffic – which sounds absolutely awful.

It makes total sense they’ve decided to create a car that makes the stationary commute more bearable.
Although it looks a little different, it’s extra large roof is there to house solar charging panels. It also handles quite similar to a small delvery van or a mini SUV with a top speed of about 75mph, but bear in mind, it’s really about slow city driving.

The driver seat can rotate right back to a reverse position and passengers sit on a curved bench in the back.
I hope it comes with a table to play monopoly on!


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