Frequently Asked Questions

If you are over 18 years old, are a UK resident and have a UK bank account and debit card then you are eligible to apply to Lease2Buy.

Unfortunately not. Each application we receive is assessed on an individual basis taking a number of different factors into account. We are therefore unable to offer an indication of whether or not your application would be accepted before you submit it. However, being rejected for credit by other companies does not necessarily mean that we’ll decline you, too.

All applications for an account with Lease2Buy usually have to be received online through our website, where we have made the application process as quick and easy as possible. Click here to apply now. Alternatively you can call us on 01294 277 550.

Yes. As part of our commitment to responsible lending, we carry out credit checks on all new applications that are submitted to us. This assists with fraud prevention and also ensures that we only approve applications from people who we believe will be able to re-pay what they borrow.

Yes. As part of our commitment to responsible lending we have to see confirmation paperwork to enable us to verify your details and identity and to help us assess affordability.

No, it is not essential that you are in full time employment. You do however need to demonstrate that you can comfortably afford the re-payments.

We will deal with many customers who receive disability or carers allowance or/and working tax credit.

We do reserve the right to contact your employer to confirm details of employment.

An affordability assessment is a review of the customer’s financial circumstances to ensure the credit commitment will not adversely impact the borrower’s financial situation. The assessment is taken in reasonable steps which include the borrower’s likely ability to be able to meet repayments under the credit agreement in a sustainable manner, meaning without undue difficulty (incurring/increasing problem indebtedness) and based on income not secured assets.

Affordability assessments are very important as a responsible lender we do not want to lend to consumers who are not in a comfortable financial situation and do not have the ability to meet repayments. If we did not perform affordability assessments the business would not be complying with FCA Rules and Guidance and consumers may become over committed with credit. During the affordability assessment we must ensure the borrower can meet all other contractual repayments including living costs.

During new loan applications or requests for further financing or requests to restructure existing agreements, consumer’s financial affordability and creditworthiness is assessed.

DCH Scotland uses Standing Orders to repay your loan. If your standing order is unpaid, we will advise you. On non payment of a standing order we would request that the outstanding payment is made by debit or credit card or cash and that the standing order be re-instated for the remainder of the payments.

Within the Terms and Conditions of the loan agreement customers are entitled to repay their loan early. This may be a partial payment or payment in full before the original due date. Customers can request to repay their loan any time prior to the payment due date. Customers must bear in mind if their payment is set up via standing order they should instruct their bank to cancel payments after having cleared their account.

Default charges are currently £25.00. The default charge will be applied to the customer’s account following a default notice.

DCH Scotland will notify customers via email when a default charge has been applied to their account due to non payment of contractual payments. This correspondence is called a Default Notice, notifying clients of a default on their account and relevant charges. DCH Scotland will give customers the notice in a specified form where the default sum becomes payable under the agreement.
The notice will contain the following information:
The amount and nature of each default sum payable;
The date on which it became payable;
The total amount of default sums covered by the notice.

You have the right to withdraw from the agreement within 14 days without giving any reason, in accordance with the Consumer Credit Act 1974 Section 66A. To withdraw from the agreement under section 66A the customer must give oral or written notice of the withdrawal before the end of the period of 14 days beginning from the day after the customer receives their agreement. You must repay DCH Scotland Ltd any credit provided including interest accrued at the rate of 1% of the loan amount per day. You will not be liable to repay any charges, fees or compensation except any non-returnable charges paid by DCH Scotland Ltd. The amount payable must be paid without undue delay and no later than the end of the period of 30 days beginning with the day after the day on which the notice of withdrawal was given. As per the Consumer Credit Act 1974 Section 66A(10) if the funds are not paid by the end of the 30 day period they may be recovered by the creditor as a debt. Once the notice of withdrawal has been exercised the agreement shall be treated as if it had never been entered into. Customers who do not exercise the right to withdraw do still have the ability to repay their loan before their repayment date. All rights to withdraw from the agreement will be lost if the customer does not exercise the right within the time specified above.

If any of your circumstances change however small and you have any concerns about repayments please immediately contact our advisors on 01294 277 550 (Calls to this number from a BT landline are charged at BT’s rates. Other providers charges may apply).

If you find yourself in financial difficulty our DCH Scotland promise is to adhere to the FCA Rules and Guidance, of:
Treating customers fairly;
Transparency throughout our business;
Exercising forbearance and consideration to all our customers;
Acting proportionately.

If customers are experiencing financial hardship and finding their circumstances a challenge, we will point these customers to free independent debt advice such as:

Money Advice Service

Step Change Debt Charity

National Debtline

Citizens Advice

If you are dissatisfied at any point with the service/product you have received through DCH Scotland we want to know about it. You can contact us here or alternatively you can write to us at:

Lease 2 Buy,
13 High Street,
Irvine, North Ayrshire
Scotland KA12 0BA

T: 01294 277550

We aim to deal with your complaint immediately. The complaint will be investigated and an attempt to resolve the complaint will be made by the end of the next working day. Occasionally this is not possible subsequently an acknowledgement letter/email will be sent within five working days which will include further information.

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