Half of Norway’s new car sales are now electric or hybrid.

4th January 2018

Tax breaks and free city tolls and parking put Norway en route to meet the target of electric-only vehicles by 2025

Official data shows electric or hybrid vehicles accounted for more than half of all new cars sold in Norway in the year 2017.

Norway has set itself the goal of selling only new zero-emission cars starting from 2025.

Unlike diesel or gasoline cars, which are both heavily taxed, electric cars benefit from a very generous tax system, which makes purchase prices relatively competitive and attractive to potential buyers. Owners also enjoy additional benefits such as free city tolls, ferries, parking and recharging in public car parks, as well as being allowed to drive in bus lanes.

While there was a large interest in electric and hybrid cars, proven by long waiting lists for new vehicles, manufacturers had been slow to meet this demand, with lengthy delivery times and a lack of models.

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