This is what to do if you are involved in an car accident

2nd March 2016

What to do at the scene of an accident:

1.Stop and move to safety by the side of the road.
2.Check everyone for injuries – call for an ambulance if needed.
3.Report the accident to the police if there is any debris in the road or if anyone is injured.
4.Exchange details – the important one is car registrations of all vehicles involved. Also note full names, phone numbers, addresses and the time/date of the accident
5.If possible, obtain details of the insurer of other drivers involved. 6.You can also check whether the other vehicle is insured, for a nominal charge, by doing a one-off askMID search
7.For peace of mind – (politely) ask for proof of identity, so you know the information is not false
8.Useful information – colour, make and model of the vehicles involved. Ask witnesses and police officers present for their details
9.Use a camera to record damage at the scene
10.Tell your insurance provider – if you don’t then your policy could be invalid. Even if you don’t want to make a claim on your insurance, you still need to notify your provider

For accidents with uninsured drivers:

1.Collect the same information
2.Claims for accidents involving uninsured drivers are usually handled through the Motor Insurers’ Bureau

If the other driver leaves the scene of the accident:

1.Stop and report it immediately to the police
2.Anyone who leaves the scene of accident without exchanging details is committing an offence and will be prosecuted
3.Collect as much information from the scene and witnesses as you can
4.Claims for accidents involving untraced drivers are usually handled through the Motor Insurers’ Bureau

If you or the other driver gives false information:

1.Falsifying injuries or giving misleading information about yourself or your vehicle is a criminal offencecar-insurance-quotes

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